bentcousin | bentcommandments

Y we are all pretending. everything we do is made up, we all know it. bentcousin love that. make stuff up, deal in myth. lying is creative. everyones a poet, an artist, a bender. sport rules, music is pretentious. joseph can talk about our dreams, anytime. spongebob is realer than the pope. thank god. authenticity is fake. i don't kneel at mass.
AA bentcousin are funky. whalesun & pat are twins. there is a decade between them. whalesun was born at 11.58pm on 31 Dec 1989 - pat was born at 12.01am 1 January 1990. arties love whalesun. pat loves Patrick. where is belle tout. your dad is a lesbo. we are all scared.
B beautify the banal. bentcousin is undemocratic. democracy is mediocre and infantile. bentcousin is a bentevolent dictatorship. bentpete is king. pat has the tail. it is worthless. priceless. ian curtis ate tofu.
S bentcousin hate soundbites. communication is human’s favourite, whoever controls it - controls the spinny bobberly globe. lucky them. bentcousin WHISPER. we are connected by coincidence. lie for no good reason. bentcousin loves beards.
E bentjohn is the love child of lee & nancy. he's is a ferret farmer. he is a strict vegan. and only eats raw meat. pathos in plaistow. beard of destiny drums.
H make music mischievous. or else it is just a dead thing hanging from elton johns hollow head. bentcousin are the Partridge Family fronted by Lee & Nancy backed by The Velvet Underground. bring back the charm, glamour, mystery, magic and lies. bencousin are banned from bexhill. good for them. our thinking is corrupt.
bc bentcousin write sad songs. bentcousin love humans, they celebrate anxiety, guilt and regret, cause they know these are the tasty bits.
K bentcousin smashed your aunt - this morning. pat stole the ferrets tail from a mormon house. he was thrown out. after the pastor discovered his pet porn. pat & whalesun write all the songs. they reveal nothing. george micheal showed us his willy, in sainsburys local.
M bentcousin make lists. celebrate the mistaken. make up reality. hide the soap. what’s a twunt. the world is moving. junkies are boring. never say cunt. i go cottaging. whalesun likes toffee crisps.
P whalesun is minty.
7 being bent is easy. benton is the twins uncle. and godfather. he was banned from seeing the twins when they were growing up. homo an emo. goths like sherbet. guilty forever.
D our mum think we are stupid - suits us. camping is for cunts. consistency is boring. satan stole my toaster.
W racists don't like people. racists are numpty. morrissey is an irish immigrant who hates asians, what a cunt. david bowie speaks to us. he told us to form bentcousin. lou reed is made out of cheese. starting at class c is like drawing with tracing paper. i’m not a girl anymore.
X copy everything. originality is made up. song me..atheists love jesus. today is late. youtube your mother. who owns chitty chitty bang bang.
Z what's a bent cousin, and how do i join. you're our favourite ism.